Kaseba left behind to acquire equipment for Sata’s mini hospital

Kaseba left behind to acquire equipment for Sata’s mini hospital

'Chinpwena' Kaseba

‘Chinpwena’ Kaseba

As Nurses are gnashing their teeth and crying over their dismissals for demanding improved salaries and medical facilities, President Michael Sata’s current wife Christine Kaseba is in the United Emirates Republic (Dubai) Procuring state of the art medical equipment to be installed at State House.

Intelligence sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that Sata’s wife, a medical Doctor by Profession in an effort to save the life of her husband whose health is deteriorating will soon turn Nkwazi House the President’s official residence into a mini Hospital.

The source said just like Late Nigerian President Amaru Yaradua who had a dialysis machine at State House but never admitted that he was sick, Sata will have a medical kit for heart and cancer treatment.

Some of the equipment will be acquired from London and Kaseba will have to inspect it before it is flown into the Zambian State House.

The Medical Kit and technicians who will install it will be flown in using the Presidential Challenger into the country.

Dr Kaseba who accompanied Sata to the African Union Summit in Ethiopia has not returned to Zambia.

The Presidential Challenger has also not returned. President Sata arrived back aboard an Emirates Airlines and got the presidential chopper from the airport to State House.

The challenger and chopper are two different machines.

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