Kasenengwa MP says is aware her seat is next to be nullified

Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) Kasenengwa Member of Parliament Victoria Kalima has confirmed a scheme to have her seat nullified and said she will never respect Acting Chief Justice Lombe chibesakunda because she has proved to be a very useless old woman. Reacting yesterday’s story that President Sata had instructed Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to nullify her seat,Kalima said the Watchdog story is very true but she is not moved because God is in-charge of her destiny. Kalima also said whatever the Watchdog revealed about six months ago has come true. “Yes It is true. I have heard about that and as a Parliamentarian I also have my own way of gathering information and that information is true as you predicted that they will start with nullifying Dora Siliya’s then Mulusa’s then mine. They are targeting those who are quite vocal in parliament but I was elected to raise issues that affect the people I represent. So let it be but I can tell you I will never respect that woman called Lombe Chibesakunda. Even if people are saying women should support fellow women not that one. I know why she doesn’t like me. It is because I’m against her ratification as Chief Justice not even Acting. She simply does not qualify full stop” she said.

Kalima said what everyone should know that they were born for a purpose and all one has to do is look to GOD then God will show the way. ” We were all born for a purpose and it is to do things that will Glorify the creator and if God says Sata and Chibesakunda should mess up Victoria Kalima’s political career then there is nothing I can do but I know the God I worship is a might one” she said in interview.

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