Kasumbalesa resident assaulted by Chihese

Help please ba watchdog please, this guy In the picture was beaten using an Iron bar by the friend of this Chinese guy also on the pic at kasumbalesa ,,the guy was accused of stealing when they were offloading the truck of goods which were delivered at the Chinese shop.the case was reported at kasumbalesa and the Chinese suspect was arrested but the friends to the same Chinese who broke this guys approached the family for the victim and the Chinese was told to pay the boy K50,000 but the Chinese refused and said they could only pay k1,000 if the family wont accept its their fault cause they had already paid the police and there friend was coming out the following day.also they have refused to pay for treatment for this guy which is amounting to K2000 at mine hospital in Chililabombwe saying it’s too expensive. The Doctor has since said the guy will loose his left leg if treatment wont commence soon.

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