Kasumbalesa residents being starved

Kasumbalesa residents being starved


I write to bemoan the poor handling of smuggling by ZNS and Zambia police which is causing so much anguish and suffering to local indigenous Chililabombwe residents living along, near and at the Kasubalesa boarder post.

As some of you may already know, Kasubalesa is quite a distance from Chililabombwe CBD. Along the road going to Kasubalesa is first, Kawama with a huge population, then Konkola township where Lubambe Copper Mineis based, also, with a huge population and then Kasubalesa.

Now what ZNS and ZP have done is that they have mounted numerous check points just at the start of Kawama and every Zambian living at the start and beyond Kawama wishing to buy a bag of MEALI MEAL has to get a pass from the District Commissioner. This pass only allows this multitude of people to buy one bag of MEALI every three weeks. Isn’t this enslavement surely?? Is this the freedom our forefathers fought for?? Why should local indigenous Zambians be made to have a pass while buying in Zambia as if in colonial days??
Mind you, there is no MEALI MEAL sold at any shop at the boarder, so villagers and business people alike, trek to Chililabombwe CBD only to be told to be in possession of a pass or risk your ka one bag of MEALI MEAL together with the vehicle being forfeited.

It has become too much that if you finish your bag of 25kg in a week, you will have to starve for the reminder of two week before U can be allowed to get another bag. All this is happening while PASILA LIUNGU’s tracks loaded with MEALI MEAL make their way into Congo but for a local indigenous Zambian to have just one bag for consumption, it’s a tussle.

Please, relevant authorities, look into our plight. yes, check points you can mount but let this be at the boarder and spreading along the boundary between Congo and Zambia that is were you can have ZNS and ZP, not wat is happening, where deep on the Zambian side, is where smuggling is been contained from, you are starving Zambians. All Zambians living in Zambia must be subjected to the same kind of laws and regulations.

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