Katanga shielding police officers who stole Kr 265,030

Police Officers who were involved in the Kr 265,030 robbery at a bureau de change in Livingstone last week have been arrested.

The arrest of Sergeant Sondashi has brought the number of people arrested in connection with the same robbery to five.
According to police sources, one of the officers was arrested in Sinazongwe district where he was on an operation and taken to Livingstone where Kr 80,000 cash was found in his house.
Among those arrested is a PF cadre and also Livingstone MP’s personal bodyguard famously known as Shabba who is a money changer.
Others are the cashier at the same bureau de change Mweemba Sibwani of house number DNC 142 in Dambwa Township and another money changer.
But Southern Province police commissioner Charity Katanga has been reported trying to sit of the issue so that the officers can not be fired and prosecuted.
Sources within the police command have disclosed that they are having a problem in handling the case because of the pressure from Charity Katanga.

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