Katele Kalumba evacuated to India?

Katele Kalumba

Katele Kalumba

The Watchdog has been informed that MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba has been evacuated to India over his heart complication..

Kalumba, a former minister of finance, is said to have been evacuated by government on either Friday or Saturday.

Kalumba is facing some corruption charge in court arising from the time he was minister of Finance.

Information received indicates that the magistrate handling Kalumba’s case released his passport to enable him travel to India.

Last week Kalumba was admitted to Lusaka’ University Teaching Hospital (UTH) but was reportedly discharged. His admission to UTH followed a sharp pain in his chest a week ago.

But sources have revealed that he was not actually discharged but that a committee of doctors recommended that he be evacuated to India where his case can be properly handled. He is accompanied by his wife Lummba.

Though doctors recommended early last week that he should be evacuated, his trip was delayed as he was required to get a new passport as the one kept by the court was the old replaced type.

Sources further said that Katele has had the condition for the past five years.

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