Katele Kalumba exonerates HH

Katele Kalumba exonerates HH

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The story of HH having “sold mines” which was started by PF founder Michael Sata, has finally been ended by PF under Chagwa! God indeed works in mysterious ways!
Katele Kalumba, a former Finance Minister, clearly explained, of all TV networks, on ZNBC on how all the mining subsidiaries were sold and HH was not involved even remotely on all of them. The mines in Chililabombwe ( Konkala mine), the mine in Chingola ( Nchanga mine) and Nampundwe mine were sold to Anglo American on a cheap by government itself through ZPA to Anglo- American company without any HH or private individual involvement. Infact he explained that there was absolutely no willing buyer for these subsidiaries and he had to appeal to the ” moral side” of Anglo American executives and not “busines” reasoning for them to buy the assets.
Next the Nkana Mines in Kitwe ( Mindolo north and South Shafts) and Central shaft (in Wusakile) as was the Mufulira mine were sold to Glencore ( Mopani) thru ZPA. So HH was never involved in the sale of any mine in Chingola, Kitwe, Ndola, Mufulira, Chililabombwe towns. All these mines, as clearly documented were sold by Chiluba, Katele and co with no HH involvement. Not even remotely!!
In Luanshya, the mine was one of the earliest to be sold. It was sold in 1998 to RAMCOZ, an Indian company. Again, government thru ZPA sold the mine to the Indians and HH, who was 35 years old then, was never involved in its sale in 1998! Not even remotely. But the Indians failed to run it. After RAMCOZ that had borrowed money from a Zambian Bank, ZANACO ( It will be interesting to know how Indians borrowed money from a Zambian Bank, to buy a Zambian mine. Maybe Katele and Nawakwi will tell us), grabbed the mine and put it under receivership in order to recover it’s money. A Chris Mulenga acted on behalf of ZANACO as the receiver and sold the mine to J&W/ Enya in 2003. Enya failed to run the mine and RB sold it to the Chinese CNMC in 2009 who are the current owners. HH again was not involved at all. Even a cheap, desk research without even going to PACRA or ZPA now ZDA, would have given any one who is fair minded or really seeks the truth these answers. Even Grevazio Zulu and Mutale Mwanza and her HOT FM cronies can easily access this information if they honestly needed answers.
HH sold the mines story is debunked! It’s dead!! Katele has helped here. He will be lucky if ZNBC will call him for another interview
Let’s move to the house story. The Serval Road house. The story is that one day in early April of1995, way before his involvement in privatisation, HH came home from work tired, he removed his jacket and tie, threw himself in the sofa and asked his wife Mutinta for a glass of some cold Chibwantu and a copy of the Zambia Daily Mail which was delivered to his house. Mutinta lovingly obliged and brought the husband a glass of Chibwantu and a copy of the Daily Mail. While sipping the Chibwantu, HH perused through the Daily Mail and saw an advert by a Mr Chibwe of Ndola, seeking for bids for various properties including a house in Serval Road. HH responded to this advert in a government newspaper and put in a bid for the Serval Road house. Mr Chibwe in Ndola opened the bids and chose the HH bid which was the highest, as the winner and sold him the house a month later. HH’s childhood friend, and his UNZA room mate, Micheal Musonda, the current Deputy Chief Justice of Zambia, who was running a budding Law firm then did the conveyance for his house. Yes! HH gave some business to his UNZA friend to help him with the legal requirements. No story here.

Let’s now move to the Sun International story!! First of all, let’s agree that Sun International is not a Kapyopyo company. For starters, they own the Sun City resorts. Obama spent a night at the Cabanas Sun City resort as President when he visited SA. Oprah Winfrey spent a month at the ‘The Maslow’ Sun Hotel for a month. All those tuma Kora awards and other important events are held at Sun City resort centres. So Sun International is not a company like those lodges Chitalu Chilufya runs in Mansa built with stolen funds. They are a respected global brand.
So is a HH a shareholder?! Even a Grevazio Zulu or Zach Chavula and Mutale Mwanza led search at PACRA would reveal that HH is not a shareholder. The shareholders are Joanne Elizabeth a Canadian, Richard Ceasar a South African. So is there any conflict interest? Simple answer is that how can there be a conflict of interest when public documents, PACRA documents show that he was not and has never been a shareholder?? Remember, Sun International bought the hotel in 1997 when HH was just 34 years old!! Before then Livingston was dead. HH rekindled it through just one investment! A well packaged investment.
As Zambians, we should desist from this tendency of tarnishing and maligning good people and prop up known conmen.




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