Katele Kalumba’s wife endorses HH, Mucheleka says North voters ready

Katele Kalumba’s wife endorses HH, Mucheleka says North voters ready

526608_2931863274126_268243101_nLumba Kalumba, the wife of fomer Finance minister Katele Kalumba has endorsed UPND leader Hakiande Hichilema for the January 20, presidential byelection

And Lubansenshi Member of Parliament, Patrick Mucheleka who is among the MPs that have endorsed HH says Nothern province is ready for HH.

Meanwhile, Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati who is team leader for the Members of Parliament that have endorsed Hichilema says he is confident thatHichilema will provide leadership that will move the country forward in love, hope and unity.

They were speaking at a joint press briefing with Hichilema on Sunday afternoon.

Mutati also handed over a document signed by the members of Parliament that binds them together as opposition parties.

Speaking earlier, Lumba Kalumba who is wife to former Chiengi MP Katele Kalumba says the people of Zambia are tired of the panga family and old men fighting for positions.

She has urged Zambians to give Mr. Hichilema a hundred percent support.

Hichilema has thanked the Members of Parliament who have endorsed him for the January 20th, 2015 Presidential elections at a media briefing held in Lusaka this afternoon.

Mr. Hichilema says the Members of Parliament who have endorsed him have demonstrated their love for Zambia as this is the king of leadership that will help unite the country.

Mr. Hichilema has promised to serve the people of Zambia fairly noting that he will not allow marginalization of any group of people as the case is.

He has urged the Members of Parliament to campaign vigorously if the UPND is to emerge victorious come January 2015.

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