Katele says´donchi kubeba´ is pro-corruption

Katele says´donchi kubeba´ is pro-corruption

CHIENGI member of Parliament Katele Kalumba has challenged the Patriotic Front (PF) to tell the nation how it will fight corruption when it is encouraging the principle of ‘don’t kubeba’, which is synonymous with the vice.

Dr Kalumba, who is former MMD national secretary, said he has studied the concept of ‘don’t kubeba’ and that its underlying political message is immoral because it encourages Zambians to be deceitful.

“‘Don’t kubeba’ is a discourse of immorality and untruthfulness. If the PF can teach people to be untruthful in principle in terms of political practices, how can they fight corruption because the principle of ‘don’t kubeba’ is the same principle as corruption?” Dr Kalumba said.

“If people don’t believe in something, they should be bold enough to state that they don’t believe in some ideologies or a particular political party, that is truthfulness. And yet our colleagues in the PF are inciting Zambians to be deceitful and immoral by accepting things knowing pretty well that they don’t intend to do the acts they are being given to do, assuming that there is corruption,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said it is unfortunate that the PF is inciting its members to hide their political affiliation while pretending to be MMD members.

Dr Kalumba advised MMD members not to feel ashamed to be identified as members of the ruling party.

“Let the MMD trumpets blow. Speak the truth if they come to you; tell them the truth. Now, the PF is telling people to be deceitful. I wonder how they will convince Zambians to vote for them when the policies they are propagating are ‘don’t kubeba’” Dr Kalumba said.

He said Zambians don’t know what the PF stands for because of its ‘don’t kubeba’ policy, which is vague.

“That is why Zambians are confused about homosexuality, on one hand the PF is fraternising with gay activists in Europe, and on the other they are telling people that God would not have created Adam and Eve if he wanted them to be homosexuals,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said MMD members should be proud of themselves and their leaders.

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