Katele says helicopter could have crashed

The report that a UPND Campaign team was savagely attacked by PF cadres while trying to land in an helicopter in Shiwan’gandu in Chinsali for a scheduled campaign program defines the character of leadership that has pushed many rational Zambians to consider options.

Leadership that relies on violence to reign in support can only give birth to a kakistocracy, a government led by the least able.

Felix Mutati, Maureen Mwanawasa, Patrick Mucheleka, Mutale Nalumango, and Muvi TV crew could have crashed to death on this 2nd January 2015 for pursuing a democratic project. There is no spin-doctoring that can justify this gutter politics.

Men and women of civilized breeding must condemn this. We can exchange hard words but surrendering ourselves to such base instincts in politics is what led to millions of lives in Rwanda and former Biafra to death. The images are still fresh.

Never again. No space in Zambia must allow the death of the freedom song of our founding fathers and mothers to die. If they will, let the PF leaders kill all of us who believe in democracy and the unitary nature of our beloved Zambia. Let us choose a leader without intimidation.

Katele Kalumba

Political Activist

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