Katele: we have sent team to map strategy in Kasama

katele_kalumbaThe Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) says it its now focusing on winning the Kasama Parliamentary seat after returning the Chitambo seat.

MMD National Secretary, Katele Kalumba says the party has great chances of wining the Kasama seat

Dr. Kalumba told ZANIS in interview in Lusaka Friday that the party has sent a team to Kasama to map out strategy ahead of the by elections whose date is yet be announced.

He said MMD is ready for the PF/UPND challenge in Kasama and predicted a tough contest there.

“We are now focusing on the Kasama seat and currently our men are on the ground there and once they give us a report then we will plan carefully for it,” he said.

Dr. Kalumba said the team is trying to find out what the people in Kasama want for them to select a suitable candidate to represent them.

Dr. Kalumba has meanwhile said the MMD victory in Chitambo had proved to many people that the UPND/PF pact is beatable at any level.

He said the win shows that the ruling party is still strong and popular and was capable of winning an elections any time.

He has further said the MMD won the by election because it fielded a strong candidate who articulated issues the electorates in Chitambo needed.

Dr. Kalumba has further commended the people of Chitambo for voting for the MMD and also thanked its leadership for choosing the best candidate.

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