Katete chief says people will too hungry to vote

Chieftainess Kawaza of the Chewa speaking people in Katete  says there is too much hunger in her chiefdom.

Chieftainess Kawaza is saddenned that food has become very scarce in her chiefdom despite people’s efforts to work hard and produce their own food.

She said people in rural areas farm and keep cattle  but the current drought and escalating prices of food and farming inputs  has made it  hard for the people to fend for themselves.

The Chieftainess said at the rate at which hunger is hitting her chiefdom, it will be very hard for the people to have strength to go and vote in the August 11 general elections.

She said it is demoralising for people to be walking to very far polling stations when they have not had anything to eat.

She said that the people need to be motivated to go and vote and they cannot go to the polling stations to vote for more hunger in their houses.

‘’ If this hunger continues to election time , the people in my chiefdom are not going to vote ; they will stay in their homes and go about to do their daily duties so that they can make food for their families and not waste their time in a long queue to vote in hunger’’, she said.

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