Katete DC threatens govt heads, parastatals for shuning independence celebrations

Katete district commissioner Colonel Peter Kunda has threatened  heads of government departments and parastatals who shunned  independence day celebrations.

The district independence day celebrations were held at Omelo Mumba School grounds in Katete yesterday.

Speaking during a in his office this morning with all the heads of government departments who did not attend the celebrations, Col Kunda said it is disappointing that they shunned the national event in preference for their private programmes.

The visibly annoyed DC warned of stern action against such people adding that he will not allow anyone to fight the government of the day by not supporting its programmes.

Col Kunda accused the heads of government departments of going against government by not supporting such programmes and urged them to be careful and execute their duties  diligently and professionally.

The departments of social welfare, the judicially, community development, Zamtel, Zampost, veterinary, Forestry and the immigration departments did not send representatives to attend the independence day celebrations yesterday.

Poor attendance characterised the independence day Celebrations in Katete.


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