Katete residents riot, burn shops over sacrificed school girl

Heavy riots have broken out in Katete following the killing of Ruth Daka, a grade 12 pupil of Katete High School in Eastern province.

Residents have gone on rampage burning shops belonging to some Zambians of Asian origin and Local businessmen linked to the death of a young girl who was brutally killed in the morning last week as she returned from her morning studies.

Reports reaching the Watchdog indicate that residents have so far set ablaze Kayson’s Wholesalers an Indian Shops and Mr. Paris Shop belonging to a local businessman popularly known as Mr. Paris as well as Kavulamungu wholesalers is also in fire.

Sources say a policeman has so far been brutally beaten by the rioters and may possibly not survive.

Police last week launched a man-hunt for the killers and managed to arrest one suspect who has since mentioned other people behind the ritual murder.

Ruth Daka the pupil who was killed during Palm Sunday celebrations was an orphan under the FAWEZA school support.

It has been reported after the arrest of four suspected murderers (3 males and 1 female) that after some quizzing scanty information gathered lead to some Indian businessman as the mastermind behind the killing.

The news of the teenager’s death has sent shock waves around the small town of Katete District of Eastern Province sending residents to live in acute fear for their lives.

‘Despite heightened campaigns against GBV in the country, gruesome murders of innocent people are still going on. We earnestly urge the Zambia Police to get to the roots of these horrific acts and bring the culprits to book regardless of their socio-economic status. We are sick and tired of seeing Police Officers mounting unnecessary road blocks with the intent to squeezing out money from unsuspecting road users instead of fighting real crime.

‘We salute all the conscious Katete residents!! Press on until all culprits are brought to book, VIVA ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP! VIVA “CONSCIATO”, Joachim Cuthbert  a local resident told the Watchdog.

From the time Michael Sata became president, suspected satanic or ritualistic deaths have increased in the country.

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