Katete rises against Chinese traders ‘killing’ their local products

Business came to a standstill in Katete district today when traders ran amok and attempted to destroy a shop belonging to a Chinese national whom they accused of throwing them out of business because he sells commodities at much lower prices than normal.

The traders, who stormed Bamulela shop at Katete stores around 06:00 hours this morning were demanding that the investor, Zhang Bing, stops trading in the district claiming that his business was suffocating theirs because he sells his clothes and footwear at half the market price of the commodities.

ZANIS reports in Katete that quick action by police in full riot gear stopped the angry traders from destroying the shop owned by a Chinese national.

“This Chinese is killing our businesses because all our customers are now buying from him since he opened his shop last Friday,” said Peter Soko, one of the affected businessmen in the district.

The traders, who attempted to break windows of the shop, complained that it was unfair for such investors to compete with local traders because they remain at an advantage as they sold their merchandise quickly.

Business had however returned to normal by 10:00 hours although police were still guarding the area.

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