Katete school girls riot over seizure of phones and wearing of Bata shoes

Pupils at Katete Girls Boarding School have run amok destroying school infrastructure worth K54 Million following
a decision by the  administration to confiscate their mobile phones.

The pupils broke window panes at the administration block, a teacher’s house and damaged the school bus.

The pupils  were infuriated by the mode of searching for the mobile phones by the school authorities.

The girls also complained  that the school had compelled them to wear only  Bata toughee shoes which she
said are expensive because most of them come from poor families.

The girls are demanding the school to allow them to wear any flat shoes  which they can afford.

Pupils also complained that they do not have a school council were they can air issues affecting them for consideration by the school administration.

They also complained of poor meals as they are given small pieces of meat during meals.

The pupils also complained that the school bus has a breakdown each time they use it though they pay K50, 000 each for repairs.

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