Katotobwe abandons 8 more projects after being paid

Katotobwe abandons 8 more projects after being paid


Mwanawasa banned him from doing business with government for receiving money but refusing to complete projects. Now he is back in business

In 2008, Kapembwa Simbao, who then was the minister of Works and Supply black-listed Tomorrow Investments Limited and its directors, agents and partners for fraud, misappropriation of public funds, corruption and general financial misconduct and bad work ethics.

At the same time, late president Levy Mwanawasa directed the Auditor General’s Office to investigate Tomorrow Investments for fraud and money laundering. According to the Daily Mail, President Levy Mwanawasa during a public rally held at Chiutika basic school grounds in Mambwe district in Eastern province banned any further Government dealings with Tomorrow Investment Limited and a probe into the matter. Mwanawasa’s decision followed the company’s failure to complete several projects after getting Government contracts among them the rehabilitation of Chisegu/Mfuwe road amounting to K4 billion.

Mwanawasa would certainly turn in his grave to hear that Tomorrow Investment is back in fraudulent business with government just like it did before he banned it.

Tomorrow Investment is owned by Chanda Katotobwe, the man who is in the process of stealing Ultimate Insurance ltd using the police and courts.

From 2015, Katotobwe, using his Tomorrow Investments outfit has been ‘landing’ contracts from government especially the Road Development Agency (RDA). He has not completed any of the contracts despite being paid. And RDA can’t push or question him because the RDA awards these contracts to Katotobwe through corruption. RDA officials, especially procumbent officers get Toyota Landcruisers plus cash from each contract they award to Katotobwe.

As you are reading this, the following projects awarded to Katotobwe are pending, some have been abandoned.

1 Tomorrow Investments has been paid K24, 192, 616.18 for the Rehabilitation of water Supply & sanitation system in Kaputa. The project is 90 per cent incomplete.

2 He has been paid K9, 047, 797.26 for the Periodic maintenance of Vyamba Chinakila road, (43 km) in Mpulungu district.

3 He has been paid K4, 465, 530.32 for Spot improvement of feeder roads in Chama district – Luwalize Chibale road

4 He has been paid K13, 240,180.56 for the Periodic maintenance of 83 Km of Chalabesa- Kabinga road in Mpika district

5 He has been paid K4, 237, 250.43 for the Rehabilitation of 37km of Mbala Kawama Penza road in Mbala

6 He has been paid K2, 870,325.73 for the Construction of three-span Lwela bridge and approach road in Luapula province.
7 He has been paid K10, 492, 587. 47 for the Maintainance of Roads in Chandiza district, paid

8 He has been paid K3, 081, 723.13 for the Rehabilitation of 17km M12 Chamasongweschool via Molozi school to Mchenga community school.

All this money has gone to buying houses in Sunningdale and other places and to bribing government officials. Now one can question Katotobwe because the officials at RDA are on his pay roll. We challenge RDA to give the country an update of the status of the projects listed above some of which started in 2015.

We understand Katotobwe is claiming that he cant complete some of the projects because he was swindled in South Africa by people he ordered construction machines from. But who honestly can swindle Katotobwe? It is the other way round. All that the DEC needs to do is get a printout of Katotobwe’s bank accounts then they will see where the money went.

Before Mwanawasa died, the Auditor General’s Office had began investigations into misappropriation of public resources by Tomorrow Investment Limited and its continued receipt of contracts from Government.
Auditor General Anna Chifungula had disclosed that investigations to recover alleged misapplication of billions of moneys and culprits brought to book would be completed within a week.
Ms. Chifungula told Journalists that investigations had already began with her first visit being conducted at the Road Development Agency (RDA), Zambia National Tender Board, Ministry of Works and Supply and other line departments today to establish what had transpired and those involved in awarding contracts to Tomorrow Investment.
The Auditor General explained that a report from her office also reveals huge disparities about Tomorrow Investment misappropriating public resources especially on road rehabilitations.

On 8 January 2008, The Zambia Daily Mail Reported this

Minister black-list Tomorrow Investments

MINISTER of Works and Supply, Kapembwa Simbao, has black-listed Tomorrow Investments Limited and its directors and directed the National Council for Construction (NCC) not to renew the construction firm’s 2008 contractor registration certificate because the firm had performed badly.
Mr Simbao said Tomorrow Investments Limited was registered with NCC in 2005 when the authority began registering contractors.
The firm had fulfilled the gazetted NCC contractor registration requirements and there had been no documented adverse performance reports from clients and supervising consultants.
The minister who was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, however, said the NCC must reject the application by Tomorrow Investments Limited to have their certificate renewed for 2008.
He said the firm had not yet submitted for renewal its NCC contractor registration certificate.
“It should be noted, however, that Tomorrow Investments has of today 8th January, 2008 (yesterday) not renewed their 2008 certificate.
Should they apply for renewal, the NCC will decline such registration in view of their demonstrated poor past performance and conduct,” Mr Simbao said.
The refusal of registration would also apply to any joint venture partners who undertook projects jointly with Tomorrow Investments Limited in the recent past and other contractors whose performance had been classified as poor.
The minister warned that the firm’s directors and joint venture partners would be held liable for prosecution individually and severally for any payments they received without any corresponding delivery of products and services.
Similarly, consultants and Government professionals found to have certified works of poor workmanship would be liable for prosecution and suffer commensurate sanctions.
“Such directors who shall be held for poor performance of their companies shall equally be excluded from future consideration by NCC even in the other companies that they may form or join,” he said.
All contractors whose applications would not be accepted this year and in future, would be advised of their shortfalls by the NCC and in compliance with the law, no unregistered contractor would be eligible for award of any Government contract.
Mr Simbao warned that contractors, consultants and clients found abrogating the provisions of the contract would be dealt with severely.
The minister said he had no idea who the directors of Tomorrow Investments Limited were and urged Zambians to report instances of poor performance to NCC without hesitation.
The Office of the Auditor-General on Monday began a project audit on Tomorrow Investments Limited to establish why the firm still received Government contracts despite doing shoddy works.
The probe follows President Mwanawasa’s order for an audit of the construction firm, which was doing badly.
Meanwhile, Public Accounts Committee chairperson, Charles Milupi, has revealed that the tender committee of the Ministry of Works and Supply awarded Tomorrow Investments Limited the Katima Mulilo Bridge contract against Mr Simbao’s advice.
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