Katotobwe will regret

Katotobwe will regret

Ba watchdog after you published my legal viewpoint about how impossible it is for the Lusaka magistrate to hand over Ultimate Insurance to Katotobwe, he rushed to Judge Chenda in the high court to shop for a ruling which will hand the company to him.

Unfortunately there is already a matter in the commercial high court dealing in the same ownership dispute and Katotobwe has bee been arrogantly refusing to attend court sessions. One wonders how our judiciary now works. The case he is dodging has been in the high court for more than a year now. But he has the state apparatus behind him to start another same case and a judge gives him audience within a week. How and why? Is Marshlands consortium the largest shareholder going to get a fare hearing from judicial officers being shopped arround?

Behold, Katotobwe he is not aware of the web he is weaving arround himself legally. He is mistaken that he is a spider. Actually he is a fly and his lawyers are spiders weaving this web arround him. He will end up a Shawazi if not careful.

These cases he has started will take at least 7 years to come to a final settlement. Due process takes takes long and at some point someone somewhere will ask Katotobwe some embarrassing questions such as:
1. Why was your wife getting a salary at Ultimate Insurance?

2. Why was your wife signing payments on behalf of ultimate insurance with directors of mashlands consortium?
3. Why did you attend meetings at PIA as co shareholder with directors of Marshland consortium?

Let it be known to Mr Katotobwe that the judgements he is shopping arround will not hand him the company until the due process of the law is completed to a full stop. The companies ACT CAP 388 is very clear. PACRA does not act on half justice. Any appeal process on shopped judgements renders such judgement unenforceable. The process will be long and costly such that even the wanpofive million he claims to have bought the company with will pale. The laws of Zambia allows appealants to bring in fresh witnesses in higher jurisdictions.

This web will suck bakayele. Its sad that some of the underhand actions are done in the name of the state sucking the Attorney General into future legal fights.

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