Katuba By-elections: Sata Summons and intimidates Chief

Katuba By-elections: Sata Summons and intimidates  Chief

President Michael Sata this morning summoned to State House Chieftainess Mungule of Katuba constituency and threatened to De-gazette her if she did not support the Patriotic Front candidate in the February 25, 2014 by-elections.

To intimidate her, President Sata sent a platoon of Paramilitary officers and Intelligence Officers to pick up the chieftainess from her palace. At State House, President Sata who is rarely in his office as he spends most of the time at his official residence sleeping waited for the chieftainess at his office. At his office Sata told the chieftainess to learn a lesson from what he has done to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

A source at State House told the Zambian Watchdog that the chieftainess left Sata’s office visibly shaken.

“The President summoned the poor old lady and threatened her with being de-gazzeted like Chitimukulu. The only consoling thing is that she may have left the President’s office with some good cash” the source said.

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