Katuka shuts up chatterbox Sunday Chanda

We were not surprised to see chatterbox Sunday Chanda being quoted by the Daily Nation saying, “HH is against 50% plus 1.”

First and foremost a good paper would have called HH to verify this outrageous claim from Sunday Chanda. Secondly the media that published the story should have asked Sunday where HH issued such a statement or said anything to that effect. But we feel duty bound to set the record straight.

First what did the people of Zambia want in that constitution, they wanted a provincial assembly, they wanted Ministers to be appointed from outside parliament, they wanted the state to be under obligation to provide fair and justiciable education, health and shelter systems, where if they failed the citizens would take them to court. The latter elements of the right to education, health, shelter, water etc. are the things contained in the Bill of Rights, which cannot and will never be discussed in parliament; this is the first blunder the ignorant Sunday Chanda must address.

In the second reading we told Ngosa Simbyakula to withdraw this bill because experience and foresight taught us that this constitution was going to be manipulated and true to our fears, changes were made. So were we not right? We are telling this ignorant Sunday Chanda that we were fighting for the rights of the Zambians to be preserved.

Sunday Chanda would have been a beneficiary of a robust bill of rights which essentially would have given the people power to hold the Government accountable. Instead of people like him failing to go to school because they cannot afford the fees, and end up being political hoodlums and sycophants surviving on political patronage, Sunday Chanda would have benefitted from the economic rights we were fighting for during second reading.

But what do we get for a thank you, we get lies from Sunday Chanda. HH has been consistent in 50% +1; we are going to win 2016 by a huge margin that even this 50% + 1 will not count.

If they had wanted they would have even gone 80% + 1 we would still be fine. To illustrate how foolish his comment is about 50% + 1, there was nothing to vote against while in parliament as the PF never proposed any amendments in respect of articles 47 and 101 on the draft constitution so what is Sunday Chanda dreaming about?

Our advice to everyone is simple, stop listening to Sunday Chanda and his gang, their specialty is misinformation as they did “Don’t Kubeba” on you in 2011, they will do the same in 2016.

They are liars and they lie without shame, that is the problem, they are liars without a conscious and here they are adulterating the constitution for their own benefit by taking away a critical component of self-Government which was the proposed a provincial assembly. The reason is simple, they want to continue stealing at the center and people like Sunday will continue being sycophants serving selfish politicians. Vote UPND for a leadership that is honest and has integrity.

Hon. Stephen Katuka, MP
UPND Secretary General

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