Kaunda drafted to help with ailing Sata’s piling work load

Kaunda drafted to help with ailing Sata’s piling work load

Former Zambian dictator president Kenneth Kaunda has been drafted as one the people who are helping ailing dictator president Michael Sata do some of the work in the president’s office.

Impeccable senior State House sources have revealed that Kaunda has been picking up several government files from the president’s office which he helps making decisions and Mr. Sata merely appends signatures.

Sources said the former president has been engaged to help Mr. Sata’s workload for the past four mouths now and goes into State House, almost on a daily basis to pick up key government policy documents which he later makes recommendations for Mr. Sata to merely append a signature.

“Mr. Sata’s huge work-load has for a long time been handled by his uncle the finance minister Mr. Alexander Chikwanda who became over-worked running two big offices of the president and the ministry of finance. It was therefore decided by Fred Mmembe and others that Kaunda also be drafted to process some files, especially on policy issues and merely give the incapacited Mr. Sata to append signatures,” sources said.

President’s Sata’s medical team have advised him to heavily slow down on work and perhaps restrict himself to appointments and swearing-in ceremonies.

So far, president Sata only works half-days three times a week and the latest prescription is that he should be in bed by 20:00 hours, a situation that saw files piling unattended to in his office.

Normally presidents work over-time sometimes reporting at 05:00 hours and work till mid-night depending on the huge demanding workload.

A source at State House yesterday said the president’s prostate cancer is heavily advanced that he should basically be resting throughout. See story here.

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