Kaunda is a shameless hypocrite

By George Lubasi

Yes that’s what he is. It is not me saying. When Kaunda said something the PF did not like, Wynter Kabimba described him as “a hypocrite and divisive failure.”

That story was carried by Sata’s apologists and image builders in Rhodes Park. Interestingly, even as they glorify Sata and endorse Kaunda’s hypocrisy today as seen in their editorial of Thursday 20th December, they are too ashamed to refer to their own story of a few years ago where PF denounced Kaunda.  
We can solidly assume that Kabimba and all those who tow that line in PF have not changed their opinion of Kaunda – that he is “a hypocrite and divisive failure.”
In the 2001 election, Kaunda refused to endorse Sata. He said he was not presidential material.  Kaunda instead endorsed Anderson Mazoka and, not surprising, his inept son Tillyenji. Kaunda said Sata was better suited to work under someone, not as President.  Kaunda has never publicly retracted that view. Today he wants to make us believe that Sata is the best thing that ever happened to Zambia.  No. This hypocrisy cannot and should not be allowed to pass.
The PF denounced Kaunda when he did not agree with them on certain issues. Today, they want to create an impression that they care a lot about him. In return, it seems Kaunda is so flattered that he is willing to go to strange lengths to please his friends in the PF. That includes entertaining discredited elements like Jazzman Chikwakwa.
The people of Zambia, through their hard earned tax, are paying for Kaunda’s luxurious life. That includes the mansion where he was entertaining Chikwakwa. Should Zambians allow Kaunda to turn state facilities into PF structures? Even the holiday that Kaunda is enjoying in Livingstone is paid for by taxpayers.  As such, he should be ashamed for his recent acts. But perhaps that’s what makes Kabimba’s description of Kaunda correct -“a hypocrite and divisive failure.”
 For a long time now, Kaunda has enjoyed the exaggerated status of ‘father of the nation’. But from his recent behaviour it seems he is turning into a father of the PF. But that is not the way it should be. Kaunda should just behave in the correct manner. If he does that, he would not need to change or modify his behaviour depending on which government comes to power.

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