Kaunda’ son blames Chiluba for poor economy

Panji Kaunda, one of former dictator Kenneth Kaunda’s sons says Zambia would have been a marvel and much more productive had Frederick Chiluba not sent it into a hatred mode against Dr… Kenneth Kaunda in 1991.
In an interview with the PF vuvuzela, the POST, Panji said the sad part of history was that Chiluba, the second Republican president, took the country into a hatred mode.

Panji, one of the numerous deputy minsitersa in the PF regime  said there was no seamless continuity of activities between his father and Chiluba, the man who sent Panji’s father in retirement.
“Had that (seamless continuity) happened just like President Michael Sata is doing today, I’m positive that this country would have been much more productive and a marvel. So we are grateful to President Sata for giving him (Dr Kaunda) the respect that he deserves, not just him (Dr Kaunda) but all the other people that were with him during the freedom struggle. So to young men, this is a lesson that there should be continuity in everything that we do,” Col Panji said.
He said change of government did not mean changing everything although the bad could be discarded or improved upon.
“He (Dr Kaunda) was declared a non-citizen, put in jail for no apparent reason. We were searched as if we are thieves; that did not go well for the country. That is a lesson to all of us,” Col Panji said.
Asked what the family had prepared for Dr Kaunda’s 90th birthday which falls next Monday, Col Panji said they would find a day to treat the first Republican president to a lunch as they did during the last Christmas.
He said the family was grateful to Dr Kaunda for what he had done for them despite going through hardships with Mama Betty Kaunda.
“To you he is a president; to me he is a father so we are very grateful to him because we are what we are because of what he has done to bring us to this level. It was not easy for him and the old lady so we are treating him as a father and nothing else. We shall take him to a farm as a family and all his grandchildren as some of these (birthday functions) are official functions and not all of us can go there. As a family, we shall find a Sunday and take him out for lunch and bring all the kids together as we did at Christmas,” said Col Panji.

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