Kavindele advises Patrick Mwnawasa to respect elders

Kavindele advises Patrick Mwnawasa to respect elders

Former vice-president Enoch Kavindele says it is disrespectful for a young person like Patrick Mwanawasa to refer to President Banda as a stubborn man.

Patrick is 27 while president Banda is 74 years old.

Mr Kavindele has advised Patrick to tone down his language because he is too young to engage President Banda in a confrontation.

He said in Lusaka yesterday that it is uncalled for, for Patrick to issue statements such as the one which appeared in yesterday’s The Post Newspaper in which he said President Banda’s stubbornness would be his downfall and that he (the President) cannot bring Patrick down.

“Let me advise young Patrick to mind his language because it is too strong and he is too young to address President Banda in that manner,” Mr Kavindele said.

Mr Kavindele said politicians using Patrick to issue such statements are not building his political career but are simply destroying it.

He said the MMD would have liked to nurture Patrick but it is his democratic right to belong to a political party of his choice.

Mr Kavindele said Patrick should not think that belonging to the Patriotic Front puts him at the same level as its leader, Michael Sata, because he (Mr Sata) and President Banda are elderly people.

“Mr Sata and President Banda are more less peers as they are almost the same age and they can call each other names. But it is wrong for Patrick to think he can also say anything he wishes to say,” Mr Kavindele said.

Mr Kavindele said former President Mwanawasa would have liked his son to continue in the MMD, but it is unfortunate that he has decided to take a different path.

“His father was my friend and I know he would have liked him to continue in the MMD and we would have liked to guide and nurture our nephew,” Mr Kavindele said.

He said Patrick could engage President Banda if he needs assistance, instead of embarking on a ‘misguided route’.

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