Kavindele says moving borders will lead to comflict

Kavindele says moving borders will lead to comflict

Former vice president Enoch Kavindele has warned that the move by the PF government to redraw Zambia and move some districts to other provinces will cause conflict.

The PF government has moved Chirundu from Southern province to Lusaka and Itezhyi Tezyi to Central province. The government is reportedly trying to also move some districts from North-western to Copperbelt and some from Western to North-western but this has been put on hold due to fierce resistance from Southern province.

The Chiefs in Southern province have vowed to oppose the move by the government to move the districts saying they are ready to be arrested and that no inch of land will be moved.

The Watchdog understands that the people of Southern province are on alert to beat up any surveyor who will try to go and demarcate the borders. A public meeting of all people and chiefs in that area is planned for Choma in the next few days.

But Kavindele has clearly warned that: ‘Attempts to move borders to go where you have got most of your people would cause conflict, and therefore the borders as established by colonialists should be respected.’

‘This was the view of the OAU  and I intend to agree with it.” The Organisation of African Unit (OAU) is the forruner of the African Union (AU)
Kavindele expalined that districts being relocated were of economical value and their realignment would deprive the “losing provinces” of economic value from the moved districts.
“Chirundu is one of the busiest border posts, and just by that fact, it would have been contributing more to the development of Southern Province than bringing it to Lusaka,” he said.

“Itezhi-tezhi has a hydropower station, and a robust fishing industry. These boundaries are causing a lot of conflicts especially in resource-rich countries”.

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