Kavindele told us Lambas will suffer & PF will bring homosexuality, Witness tells court

The Ndola High Court Wednesday heard that ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Kafulafuta losing parliamentary candidate, Patrick Mwanawasa, was disadvantage during the 2011 elections because former President Rupiah Banda and his campaign team campaigned against him during a public rally held at Mutaba basic school.

ZANIS Ndola reports that Holister Chipembele testified before Ndola High Court Judge Mary Mulanda in the case in which Mr. Mwanawasa has petitioned the election of opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy’s (MMD) James Chishiba as Kafulafuta Member of Parliament(MP), came up for trail.

Mr. Chipembele explained that he was invited by a named MMD cadre to attend a public rally which was to be addressed by the then President Banda at Mutaba basic school.

He said at the rally, Mr. Enock Kavindele, who was introduced as the campaign manager for the President, said Lamba people would be backward if they voted for PF, a party which was allegedly going to introduce homosexuality in Zambia.

He added that Mr. Kavindele further said Mr. Mwanawasa had broken protocol because he had joined a party that his late father did not belong to and that it was a party which once voted into office, would ask men to divorce their wives and marry fellow men.

Mr. Chipembele also said chief Chiwala of the Lamba people also during his village tours asked his subjects to vote for his preferred candidate James Chishiba, whom he said would employ them because he was working for Zambezi Portland.

Another witness, Evaristo Chitalu, said on September 19th 2011, around 19:00 hours, Florence Malokotela, an MMD treasurer in the area, went to his house and gave him K20, 000 and told him that “tomorrow is on the “clock” (The MMD’s symbol).

Mr. Chitalu further said Malokotela then went to the tavern behind his house where he followed her and found her buying beer for the people and asking them to ‘vote on the clock’.

He said she went on to dish out another K20, 000 to a young lady known as Mercy, who had gone to buy something from his grocery, and asked her also to vote for the MMD which had at least given people money to buy soap.

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