Kavulamungu threatens to sort out Chitotela

Kavulamungu threatens to sort out Chitotela

PROMINENT Lusaka businessman Yunus Mitta has threatened to sort out Tourism and Arts minister Ronald Chitotela and some top officials from the Department of Wildlife following his failure to secure a safari hunting Concession. Mr. Mitta has gone to the Local community in the Upper Lupande GMA bribing the three Chiefs and Community Resources Board Chairperson to ensure that the reject the successful bidder who is Muchinga Adventures. Mr. Mitta is working with a Dr. Rodgers Lubilo from Frankfurt Zoological Society to influence the local community members.

Mitta, who runs Kavulamungu Bargaining Centre in Chipata and a transport firm in Lusaka was not successful in securing a hunting safari concession in the 19 hunting blocks in the country.

The businessman, whose firm Westgate Safaris, was unsuccessful in securing a block, has accused Chitotela and some officials of corruption in awarding the concessions.

Sources close to Mitta said his intention is to mobilize others unsuccessful outfitters to protest against Chitotela claiming the bidding process was marred by corruption.

“Mitta claims that he was promised a hunting block by the minister but he has not been given any. He really feels let down by the minister and so he is mobilizing other outfitters to protest against minister Chitotela. What worsens the situation is that former minister Chikwanda promised Mitta that he would put in a word to Chitotela to ensure that Mitta gets a block,” said a source.

The source said that Mitta was currently threatening top officers at the Department of Wildlife that he should be given a block or else he would ensure that tenders were cancelled as the case was during the reign of Sylvia Masebo.

“What you people are not realizing is that Mitta is now working with Masebo. Masebo is his consultant and they are threatening officers at the department that they will cancel the tenders when there is change of government. He thinks that when there is change of government he will get back his block,” said the source.

Another source within the ministry said Mitta lost the tender because his bidding price was lower when compared to others.

“If you check the results for Westgate Properties which is his company you will see that the result indicates that it was non-responsive as the company was ranked second at the combined technical and financial evaluation stage. This means that his bidding price was lower when compared to others,” said the source.

After his failure to secure the block, his plan now is to discredit the whole process and claim it was marred with corruption. He is currently mobilizing a protest with other outfitter that were unsuccessful.

“If the protest fails he will wait until after there is change of government as has been advised by consultant, Masebo.¶

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