Kawambwa Cooperative union officials loot funds

Kawambwa Cooperative union officials loot funds

Kawambwa District Cooperative Union CORRUPTION

Dear sir

Here in kawambwa there is a case where officials at the cooperative union and department of cooperatives officials failed to share proceeds off the sale of cooperative commodities and a fight has broken up, leading to the Department of cooperatives officials to push the board through its chairman to take the book keeper and the manager to police. as we speak the book keeper is in police custody unless they have done some magic with the police otherwise she has been in custody all weekend.

the name of the manager is mirriam mutale, book keeper is selita bwalya however there are schemes to keep this information a secret.

the background is that the cooperative union received funding from the ministry of agriculture under ifad to a tune of 25,000 dollars. This ignited the cooperative to employ the two employees but they could not work independently as the department of cooperatives takes the cooperative as a cash cow. the DCDO is a signatory to the cooperative against its constitution.

the 25,000 dollars is eyed by the hungry officials who systematically draw allowances from the cooperative union via remote control. it is thus difficult for investigative wings to decode what is transpiring because they make it seem as though the cooperative is independent but its not…department of cooperatives plays a big part in selecting board members as was the case here in kawambwa where elections for board members was bulldozed by the department against Covid 19 guidelines

the director of cooperatives has been informed but he is likely to shield his juniors so we are now bringing this issue to you. . for verification you can contact the officer in charge at kawambwa police station mr mukuma, the board chairman mr kapasa (he is compromised and might want to conceal).

the cooperative has had huge sums of money in the past withdrawn (2017.2018.2019) without the District cooperative development officer or the cooperative inspector raising issues so why this time is it that some one has had to be taken to the cells? sour grapes- they benefited from the withdraws.

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