Kay Figo loses case where she wanted house, cash from 60 year old ex-lover

Kay Figo loses case where she wanted house, cash from 60 year old ex-lover

Kayula Bwalya

Musician  Kayula Bwalya 26 popularly known as Kay Figo has lost a case in which she had sued her former boyfriend of five years John Van 60 for compensation.

The Lusaka Boma Court senior court magistrate Mary Namangala dismissed the claim because the two were never married but merely cohabiting as no dowry was made to the woman’s family to formalise their union.

Customary law, which local courts uses only recognizes marriages where dowry has been made by the man’s family to the woman’s family. As long as no dowry was paid, that marriage is considered as cohabitation.

Such marriages even when children are involved are therefore not compensated except in special insistences or at the magistrate’s discretion.

Shortly after leaving the court room where their case was heard in camera, Mr Van said he was happy that justice had prevailed and that his former lover would not ‘reap where she did not sow’.

He said however that although things had unfortunately ended badly between them, he did love her even though she did not love him back.

“Kay Figo was a good woman; it is unfortunately that it turns out that she was more interested in my money and property. Her friends and families have turned her into a woman she is today.

After what I have been through with her, I can never reconcile with her. In fact I have actually moved on with my life,” he said. He is dating another woman, while the diva is in a relationship with a named football star.

The two who met at Fox Nightclub when she was 21 and he was 55 years old had been in a relationship for five years but have cohabitated for three years. Mr Van is the proprietor of Loc Pro, a company in Makeni Township.

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