Mutima wakanyelele singer Kay Figo (26) wants house from 60 yrs old ex-lover

Mutima wakanyelele singer Kay Figo (26) wants house from 60 yrs old ex-lover

Kay Figo

It reads like something straight out of a Hollywood script except the location and characters this time around are Zambian and real.
The story is that 26-year-old Kayula Bwalya, popularly or fondly known by her fans as Kay Figo, wants her 60-year-old ‘ex-boy friend’ to give her a house and a car following irreconcilable differences that have led to their love affair coming to a crashing and bitter end.
Kay, the Diva controversial Zambian singer, caused a stir on Friday afternoon at the Lusaka Boma Local Court when her “compensation” case came up.

Watch Kayula sing Mutima wakanyelele here 
The facts before the court are that because she lived with the boy-friend, 34 years her senior and now things have fallen apart, she must be paid for the time she put into the relationship. Bwalya was born in 1986.
She wants John Van, a 60-year-old Lusaka businessman, to expedite the handing over of the “house and money” in the typical “house, money car” Nalu song as it appears clear no pre-nuptial agreement was signed by the two.
A pre-nuptial agreement is one which states that if a couple breaks up God forbid, each party leaves the relationship only with what they went in with and do not make other demands such as Diva Kay is doing.
Shortly after the case was adjourned to this Tuesday, the ‘Uli na mutima wa kanyelele’ super star, whom some admirers have in the past described as attractive, vented her anger on the Sunday Mail crew for interviewing Mr Van within the court grounds.
“If I see any story about me in the media I will sue, I did not invite you here and I have a right to my privacy.” Turning to her ex-lover, Mr Van, she said: “And you Mr Van, I will expose you if you give any stories to these journalists.”
In response, Mr Van said bluntly: “This is the stupidity that I have been putting up with for the past five years that this girl has been my girlfriend. Her manager insults me and even her sister-in-law.”
Mr Van said he met Kay five years ago at Fox Nightclub in Kamwala and it was what he called the proverbial ‘love at first sight’.  He also explained how Kay asked him to find her a job, which he says he did although Kay later left the job, saying music was her passion.

Mr Van said he was not comfortable with the idea of Kay joining the music industry because he was sceptical about the lifestyle of musicians but he reluctantly agreed out of a deep sense of love for the diva he is now parting company with after three love-filled years that were never exactly plain-sailing.
After Kay’s first hit ‘Chachilamo’, Mr Van said he realised Kay was talented and had a possible future in the industry and encouraged her.
Their relationship grew and three years ago, Kay moved into Mr Van’s Makeni home and they began living together but ‘happily never after’.
Mr. Van said trouble started when he showed serious interest in meeting Kay’s family as his feelings for her overwhelmed him.

Kayula Bwalya known as Kay Figo

“I told her, tell them there is a ‘muzungu’ who loves me and wants to be with me but she never introduced me to her family,” he said.
The smitten Mr Van observed that as Kay’s music career took off, her schedule became busier and her absence from home became frequent consequently drawing a rift between them that led to physical fights instead of love.
After a number of fights, Mr Van said he told Kay it was over and for the past 10 months the pair had been sleeping in separate bedrooms.
He said he was surprised that Kay, who is allegedly dating a named footballer, has sued him because as far as he was concerned, they had both moved on and he even has a new girlfriend whose age he has not given the Sunday Mail.
Mr Van said he is ready to face Kay on Tuesday in court following the adjournment.


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