Kazimu Sata’s accident may have been ‘organised’ by foreigners he swindled

Kazimu Sata’s accident  may have been ‘organised’ by foreigners he swindled

Kazimu in hospital

Kazimu in hospital

Information has emerged that Kazimu Sata’s accident was ‘organised’ by foreigners he swindled in combination with some drug dealers and with possible collusion of the OP.

Kazimu, one of president Michael Sata’ sons was involved in a road accident a few weeks ago. He is still in critical condition and sources say he may never recover fully.

Sources from security wings have disclosed that Kazimu Sata had been going round collecting money from foreign businessmen after promising them government contracts.

Sources also says Kazimu was one of the main buyers of illicit drugs from Chibolya compound and had assured other drug barons that the Chibolya market would not be disturbed by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

According to senior security sources, when president Sata was still okay, he was given a report of his son’s drug dealing activities. Sata was also told that his son was collecting money from foreigners using his name.

‘The information we have is that he was getting money and telling foreigners that he will tell his father to give them government contracts, so its like when these foreigners realised that he was just swindling them, they decided to deal with him ’, said a source.

The source further said that another group that was upset is the drug dealers in Chibolya.

‘That boy had promised the Chibolya gangs that he will prevail over his father to tell the police not to temper with Chibolya and they also supplied him with money for that assignment. But when the DEC and police raided Chibolya, big boys were offended,’ said the source.

The source further said that ‘what seems surprising is that the OP were involved in that accident as well. It seems some officers cooperated with those foreigners he swindled and the aim was to kill him on the spot.’

Asked why the OP would be involved in trying to kill the president’s son, the source said there are a lot of officers in the system, who are not happy with the conduct of the president’s children as they bring shame and disrepute to the presidency. The source said the problem is that president Sata himself is unable to control his children despite the almost daily reports from the OP.

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