Kazungula Bridge contractor confirms non payment

Kazungula Bridge contractor confirms non payment

Daewoo, the company constructing the Kazungula Bridge has confirmed that it has not been paid.

Earlier in the Morning, the Watchdog revealed that the construction of the bridge between Zambia and Botswana hangs in balance because Zambia is failing to pay up. Botswana and donors are upto date with their financial obligations to the construction of the bridge – only Zambian is doing bwetu bwetu.

Now the construction company says if it does not receive the money by 20 March 2019, workers will not be paid again.

The construction company has advised workers that those who are not satisfied with the status quo must terminate their contracts.

There is already a strike are the construction site due to non payment of last month’ salaries.

The idea to construct the bridge was mooted by late President Levy Mwanawasa when In August 2007 he and the Botswana president announced a deal to construct a bridge to replace the existing ferry.

Construction of the US$259.3 million project, which includes international border facilities in Zambia and Botswana officially began on 12 October 2014.

Some of the major Funders of the bridge are Japan International Cooperation Agency and the African Development Bank.

The two governments are supposed to contribute money but Zambia is failing.

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    Simple its a muiltynational project no chitotela involved hence our head of state has no cut so why worry to pay, but if it was avic zambian government we would have seen bocus on camera. We have a problem as a citizenry that has made this pf government what it is. A national that begs its on funds not to question were the money is spent. Amazing the whole parliament is aligned to president. The last guiene poeples representative was Ntondo chindoloma who could disagree with then FTJ not these job seeker street adults who don’t know and will never share greed lot. Just look which ministry is the form 3 drop out working for. It’s not in our constitution that a party SG can be warning civil servant like mwila is doning, police arrest the idoit and investigate how his has held that office when only now did he manage to obtain a full grade twelve certificate.shame on us all as zambian.

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      james Bond007 2 weeks ago

      SOB. Yayayayah yu’ve really made my day. The Chindolomas were telling Chiluba the truth. The Ackson Sejane, Mwanawasa, Gen Miyanda, late Samuel Miyanda, Dipak Patel, Suresh Patel the list is endless. Not these yes Bwanas.

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    Once again the workers are the victims: after not having been paid last month, they are not going to be paid this month either. All because the PF government finds it essential to pay off Lungus private plane and Lungus private pension before anything else. Shame on you PF. And Lungu keeps on saying everything is fine….. #Lungu-Liar-Pants-on-Fire

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    So the Government that prides itself of infrastructure development should now be ashamed. They have been parading rehabilitation of market toilets and classrooms that are supposed to be undertaken by councils. But when it comes to major civil works like airports and such bridges they are an embarrassment. Thank God Zambia is land locked because we have a Government that would not be able to construct habours and ports.

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    Mayowaluse 2 weeks ago