Kazungula chief backs calls for secession of Barotseland

Calls for self-rule of Western Province have taken over the subject of investigating the Mongu killings in which two people died, according to Zambezi FM radio.

Senior Chief Sekute of Kazungula has submitted that there is need to restore the Barotse Agreement in order to satisfy the demands for self-rule of Barotseland.

And Chief Sekute has blasted chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya for changing the name of the Barotse Park situated in central Livingstone Town to Mukuni Park.

Senior Chief Sekute in his presentation to the Chongwe Commission thorugh his representative explained that Mukuni was known as Barotse Park.

The traditional leader noted that having been on the throne for so many years, he witnessed the change of the park’s name by Chief Mukuni.

He further stated that what happened in Mongu was not a riot but that the people of Mongu wanted to celebrate what they already own despite being misunderstood.

The traditional leader said he is saddened by the several negative sentiments that have been and continue going round about the Barotse name which he said there is an attempt to completely erase it especially from Livingstone.

He however, called for peace and harmony to prevail as the debate on the matter goes on.

The Rodger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry appointed by President Michael Sata to investigate the Mongu riots of January 14th, 2011 is sitting at Livingstone’s council chambers.

The Commission winds up its Livingstone sittings today.

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