Kazungula villagers survive on wild fruits

Villagers of Kanchele ward in Kazungula district of Southern province are surviving on wild fruits because of hunger that has hit the area.

Area councilor Bernard Siloka who disclosed the development to ZANIS in an interview in Kazungula today said his people are feeding on ‘Mahuluhulu,’ a common fruit found in the area.

Mr. Siloka said government should urgently send relief food to the area before the people die of hunger.

He added that some villagers walk long distances to Sihumbwa and Makunka areas to look for food for work as a means of survival.

The Kanchele ward councilor explained that life is rough for his people who are hungry at the same time they are supposed to be working in their fields but end up working for others in order for them to have something to eat.

Meanwhile, Mr. Siloka has asked government to consider putting up police posts in rural areas to enhance security.

He said in Kazungula district for example, cases of crime is on the increase but lack of police posts is disadvantaging villagers who instead have to travel to Livingstone about 100 kilo meters away to report crime cases.

Mr. Siloka disclosed how he escaped death after he was beaten up by unknown people around 19:00 hours on November 30, 2013 in Sihumbwa within his ward area where he had gone to visit some people.

The councilor who was left with serious injuries on his right eye said he had to travel to Livingstone to report the case due to lack of police posts in the area.

Mr. Siloka said he reported the case at Dambwa police station where officers assured him that they would investigate the case and bring the culprits to book.

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