KBF condemns tribalism sponsored by senior PF officials

KBF condemns tribalism sponsored by senior PF officials



LUSAKA February 6, 2020

Fellow country men, it is with great disappointment that I have learnt of tribal and divisive remarks uttered by Patriotic Front National Mobilisation Chairperson Bizwell Mutale , PF Member Chanda Nyela and other persons harbouring tribal feelings and emotions that are political, social or any other such kind against our Tonga brothers and sisters.

The statements must be condemned in the strongest terms possible by all well-meaning PATROTIC FRONT members as they do not form part of the norms and cultural values on which our great Party, the Patriotic Front was founded.

It is such utterances that have continued to divide not only the nation but our beloved PARTY, which is an all- inclusive Party. I therefore call on my brothers in the Patriotic Front to desist from making such statements which do not advance the unity of the country and ERODE the spirit of ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.  It is therefore my sincere hope that my two colleagues will find it prudent to issue public apologies for the offensive remarks.

May I add that every Zambian has a DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to vie for public office and lead the people of Zambia in any province, regardless of their tribe, as long as they qualify to hold that office. After all, we are ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. I am therefore calling on all of us to remain united if we are to see Zambia Prosper. We can achieve this by working together regardless of our tribal affiliations.

In order to overcome the tribal prejudice, we must realise that we as Zambians need each other. We need the hard working farmer of Southern Province to bring his vigour, knowledge and discipline to the table. We need the ingenuity and courage of a Bemba man to push for certain outcomes.We need the tenacity, fairness and loyalty of a Westerner to seal the deal. We need the intellectual depth and steadiness of an Easterner to unravel complex concepts. We need EVERY individual, family, tribe and region of Zambia to rise up in unison and march to our promised land.

When the strength of all Zambians is brought together, the country will form a formidable force that would be equal to any challenge that might arise ahead.

I trust that The Lord Almighty will visit our nation as we boldly and genuinely confront the fictitious issues that divide us. I call on our chiefs, clergy and politicians to lead the charge in dismantling mental strongholds of tribal prejudice that have been erected and fortified by nothing but ignorance and fear of the unknown. May God deliver us from the shackles of hate and prejudice and clothe us with love for one another as a people bound by the name of Zambia.

I Remain,


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