KCM cuts allowances for workers

After rescinding its decision to lay off 2,000 employees, Konkola Copper Mines has opted to reduce costs by terminating contracts for managers and scraping of some allowances for senior employees.

A well placed source who is manager told the watchdog that the mine wants to hand over Kitwe trades institute and wants to sell Nchanga trust school. KCM Runs Kiwe trades and is used for in-house trainings for its employees now they want to hand it to government.

He said that the mine owners are claiming that they have no money to run these institutions. He also disclosed that senior employees are no longer getting some allowances such as airtime.

He further revealed that things at the company have gone from bad to worst Adding if you don’t report for work only for a day you risk being fired Immediately.

KCM recently wanted to offload 2,000 workers but rescinded its decision due to pressure from PF government who realized that they risked losing next elections.

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