KCM has new liquidator

KCM has new liquidator

Celine Nair takes over role of KCM Provisional Liquidator

CHINGOLA, 9th May 2022: I wish to inform the public that Ms Celine Meena Nair has taken over the role of Provisional Liquidator (PL) of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) following her recent appointment as acting Official Receiver of the Republic of Zambia.

Ms Nair has assumed all functions relating to the office of the KCM Provisional Liquidator.

For any clarifications, call KCM Corporate Affairs General Manager Shapi Shachinda on

Issued by Enock Mponda
Acting Chief Executive Officer – KCM

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    Ndime 2 weeks ago

    The appointment of this competent Zambian young lady, whose experience trumps the previous appointee is marred by inconsistencies by the media reports on her appointment. Can the Minister publish a gazette or the Press be through consistent in their reports on the issue.

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    Howard Mumba 2 weeks ago

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