Keep your madness within MMD, UPND tells Bowman Lusambo

UPND Copperbelt province chairman Elisha Matambo has warned MMD cadre Bowman Lusambo not to drag party President Hakainde Hichilema in the dirt but restrict his ‘madness’ to MMD.

Reacting to Lusambo’s statement which accuses UPND of bribing MMD members so that they defect, Matambo said members defecting had realized that MMD was dead and would never resurrect. He likened Lusambo to a tick which lived on sucking blood from an animal but remained sucking even after the animal had died.

“We know this Bowman is being used by his boss Nevers Mumba because he has been used to fight Nevers’ perceived enemies in the MMD and now wants to export his madness to UPND, we warn him to stay away and if he continues, we as copperbelt will come and teach him a lesson because it looks he now doesn’t have people to fight with in MMD,” said Matambo who sounded annoyed.

Matambo said Copperbelt had resolved to go to UPND hence the party’s recent triumphs in elections. Lusambo claims to be Lamba but Matambo challenged him to state which Lamba village he hails from.

He maintained that UPND will continue winning seats on the copperbelt because of PF and MMD’s collective irresponsibility in managing the national resources. He claimed that MMD was working with PF to frustrate UPND on the Copperbelt but that Zambians will not eat their vomit.

In a press statement to the Watchdog, Lusambo accused UPND of using former provincial chairman Joseph Chilambwe and former district commissioners to destabilize MMD on the Copperbelt.

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