Keep your soiled hands away from Chiefs, Mulongoti tells Lungu

People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has said that threats by Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo, to arrest a Traditional Chief (Mukuni) are an indication of how morally bankrupt and divisive the PF has become.

He said Kampyongo’s threats are an assault on the freedom of association and meant to intimidate those chiefs that have openly shown support towards the incarcerated UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

According to the overzealous Kampyongo, the PF government is on the verge of arresting a traditional leader for allegedly funding youths to cause political unrest.

Mulongoti has charged that this careless utterance by Kampyongo is not only alarming but shows that Edgar Lungu will go to any length to ensure that his dictatorial tendencies are felt in all sectors of the country.

‘The role and value of traditional chiefs in Zambia play an indelible role. To attack one Chief because of his support against the incarceration of one of his subjects would be an insult on the entire House of Chiefs,’ Mulongoti warned



He stressed that Chiefs play a vital role in preserving Zambia’s heritage, culture and Art for sustainable development and national identity.

‘Even the colonial masters respected and appreciated the Chiefs more than what we are currently witnessing under this oppressive PF regime,’ Mulongoti lamented.

He has further urged Lungu not to use a hostile Home Affairs Minister to antagonise Chiefs.

‘We as People’s Party, urge Edgar Lungu to emulate the colonial masters in finding an amicable way of working with our chiefs, rather than using a hostile Home Affairs Minister to antagonise them,’ Mulongoti said.

He has warned that arresting a Chief would certainly pit the government against the Chiefs subjects and this would be extremely undesirable.

He pointed out that Zambia belongs to all its residents and urged the PF to keep their soiled hands away from traditional authorities.

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