Kelvin Fube accuses Amos Chanda of betrayal

Kelvin Fube accuses Amos Chanda of betrayal


By Kelvin Fube Bwalya

Amos Chanda the once all knowing, arrogant and greatly powerful is now being ridiculed, slandered and to a degree embarrassed as his misdeeds have multitudes wishing that law enforcement organizations can visit him.

Going back to the beginning of the Amos Chanda rise, you will find it beginning with the power struggle that ensued upon the death of then leader Michael Sata.

Amos became the asset in London that chose the right side and as the centre pivot in the Edgar Lungu run for state house, Kelvin Fube Bwalya – KBF prevailed upon President Lungu that Amos Chanda be given the job as Press Head at State House.

Come 2016 Elections, KBF was assigned Amos Chanda as His contact for All Things needing the Boss’ attention, Amos was also assigned the responsibility of ensuring that KBF received whatever he needed.

After being stood up multiple times and being bounced around by Amos Chanda for almost 2 months, KBF realised Amos was setting him up to fail and was acting in collusion with then SG Davis Chama and then Chairperson for elections Jean Kapata. KBF being KBF quickly rearranged himself, mobilised funds and embarked on his infamous countrywide resurrection and reconciliation of PF members and structures exercise.

By the time Amos and Co- conspirators realised that KBF had in the process reintroduced himself to the PF members across Zambia and showed then a different brand of leadership, KBF was done and they could do nothing about it.

Amos Chanda did not stop or give up on fighting the person who stood up for him to get the job he was using to fight, Amos Chanda and his Smart Eagles proceeded to create the FIC – fiction of a once upon a time bedroom incident involving KBF and Tshuma, and YES it was Amos who engineered that fiction.

Ironically, Amos told us one time that it was only KBF who called him to counsel him and rebuke him after is infamous Kambwili verbal exchange.

Being the cerebral sly fox, Amos worked with Davis Mwila and others to engineer the expulsion of KBF from PF when the Boss had instructed him to arrange a meeting between the Boss and KBF, for purposes the Boss kept to himself but whatever those purposes, it seemed to seriously unsettle Amos Chanda, Davis Mwila, Kamba Kennedy, Paul Moonga, Chitalu Chilufya, Kebby Mbewe, Remember Mutale, Luo, Kapata, Lubinda, Chisopa and others so much that they hatched a plan to expel KBF from PF. Perhaps they knew some detail the rest of us did not know.

Today Amos is in India not to see his wife but to have himself attended to for he, like Danny Siwo, has a mystery ailment where each time he eats, he vomits. Unfortunately, Local diagnosis has failed to detect the problem.

The lesson therein for Amos Chanda is that *do not forget where you are coming from*. When someone helps you, remember to be good to them for *your fortune may be tied to theirs* and *in seeking to engineer another person’s misfortune you may engineer your own misfortune*.

But Alas, what is life without lessons and how can their be growth without errors.

*Such is life init?*

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