Kelvin Sampa donates bouncing Cheque to MMD

National Initiative for Citizen’s Awareness (NICA) chairperson Kelvin Sampa gave the MMD a bouncing cheque, it has emerged.
MMD insiders at the ongoing convention in Kabwe have disclosed that, this is the real reason Sampa was disqualified from contesting the position of MMD youth chairperson.
The reason announced to the public was that he was ‘not in good standing with the party’.
During the MMD card renewal programme which was attended by president Rupiah Banda, Sampa publicly pledged K30 million to the ruling party.
But Sampa, who works at Zambezi Portland cement, never honoured that pledge.
A day before he announced his candidature to contest as MMD youth chairman, he wrote a K12 million cheque payable to the MMD.
The cheque ‘bounced’ as there was no money in his bank account.
He was suspended from the party just before the convention started. He was given ten days to exculpate himself on two charges.
The other charge is unclear but has to do with issues of impropriety relating to Chinese investment.
The Drug Enforcement Commission has recently taken a tough stand against people who bounce cheques and a good number of people have been arrested.

One widely publicised case involves former defence minister George Mpombo who was convicted of issuing a cheque on an insufficiently funded account.
But DEC sources say the case of Sampa has not been reported to the law enforcement agencies.

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