Kennedy Kamba unleashes ZRA on Comesa traders

Lusaka province PF Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba has unleashed the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) officials at the COMESA market in Lusaka.

Sources said Kamba, a former liquor trader at the same place himself, has now become so rich from government contracts and corrupt dealings and has now instigated ZRA to pounce on his former friends at COMESA Market where a number of people were brutalised by police yesterday and the operation is set to continue today.

“That market has been there for sometime now. Kamba himself was actually an illegal liquor trader there under the MMD, before amassing so much wealth now through corrupt governments contracts and deals. He is now avenging to some of his friends there who have voted for PF but have now joined the opposition as they are suffering like many other Zambians. He is the one, together with Geoffrey Chumbwe, the Lusaka Province PF Chairman, that instructed ZRA to confiscate items from COMESA traders,” highly placed PF sources have told the Watchdog.

Sources said the ZRA operation with Zambia Police will also move to some markets on the Copperbelt where most traders, especially in imported goods, are complaining about PF policies that have weakened the Kwacha and have since joined the opposition parties.

And the Watchdog will soon publish pictures of some of Kamba’s recently built plush houses in Woodlands and State Lodge.

Kamba has built a mansion in the highly secluded State Lodge neighbouring Kenneth Kaunda’s home. This is also the same place Sata’s son Mulenga and his father Michael Sata are also building their homes.

Sata’s retirement house is being built by Chinese contractors and the Watchdog managed to get some pictures of the massive plots, plus houses being built by these corrupt officials using government resources.

Roads leading to these plots where these houses are being built have also already been tired at government expense.

State Lodge plots were initially reserved for State security operations and installations. Any houses built there were supposed to be for state police and other security wings protective units, but so far Mr. Sata, Mulenga Sata, and Kennedy Kamba have already grabbed that land and are building houses.

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