Kenneth Kaunda Calls for Peace in the Wake of President Sata’s Order to Kill Lozis

Kenneth Kaunda Calls for Peace in the Wake of President Sata’s Order to Kill Lozis


First president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has called for peace in the country after President Michael Sata ordered Zambian soldiers to kill Lozis for advocating secession.

President Sata’s order to kill rebel activists in Western Province who are advocating for the secession of Barotseland from the rest of Zambia was made last week during a function by army personnel in Lusaka.

MMD president Nevers Mumba has since observed that the President’s directive to use military force against Barotse secession activists is a declaration of civil war.

But Dr Kaunda has advised leaders to serve the country selflessly and endeavour to unite the country. He has called for the promotion of the spirit of co-existence from different backgrounds and cultural diversities. He was speaking at a function organization by an Indian organization last night.

Meanwhile, defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba has visited four districts of Western Province, Sesheke, Mongu, Lukulu and Kalabo to assess the situation on the ground.

Mwamba said the government has established that there was a small group of trouble makers who are inciting others to rebel but that the situation is not as bad as it has been portrayed (by president Sata)

Last week at the SADC region Defence Command graduation ceremony in Lusaka, President Sata instructed Zambia Air Force commander Lt. General Erick Chimense to ferry troops to Western Province and sort out a group called Barotse Liberation Army (BLA).

The President said once the government soldiers arrive in Lukulu, they should not hesitate but open fire at the activists.

“When you go there, just fire, when they say ‘Fa’ you fire, when they say ‘enisha’ just fire at them, do not hesitate,” said Sata as the Defence force commanders listened in awe.

President Sata said it was unfortunate that the Zambian Army was tolerating anarchy in Western Province when other countries were using the military to stop illegal movements.

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