Kenya detaining 13 Zambian Soldiers

Kenya detaining 13 Zambian Soldiers

A month ago, the Watchdog reported that the Kenyan Defence Force (KDF) shot down a Zambia Airforce (ZAF) paratrooper Warranty officer David Pumulo whom they suspected of intruding.

The watchdog further revealed that the ZAF high command clinched a deal with a private company in Kenya to train parachutist without clearance from the Kenyan defense force.

But now Kenyan officials claim officer Pumulo
Died after drowning at the Diani beach, Mombasa and that Kenya is investigating the presence of other soldiers in that country.

According to Kenyan media the victim died after a skydiving expedition went wrong and he ended up drowning.

Kenya’s Coast regional Commissioner John Elungata revealed that the dead officer had registered himself as a tourist and died while skydiving.

His death brought to light the presence of 13 other Senior Military Officers from Zambia that Kenyan authorities were not aware of.

People Daily reports that Pumulo and his colleagues sneaked into the country disguised as tourists.

The 14 soldiers arrived in the country on March 12 through the Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

It is alleged that the men registered themselves as tourists and did not bother to declare that they were from the military as required by law and international conventions.

Police have launched an investigation on the intention of the officers and why they had concealed their identities at the point of entry.

More suspicion was raised after it was alleged that the soldiers tried to sneak the body of their dead colleague out of the country after a Lieutenant Maybin Mueneko Wambae reported the death to the hotel they were staying rather than informing the police.

“The officers tried to sneak the body out of the country as they were here illegally, but the police got wind of it and went after them,” a police officer who wanted to remain anonymous was quoted by People Daily.

The body was released and sent back home in Zambia but the remaining 13 soldiers were denied exit as the police try to establish why they had sneaked into Kenya.

Police spokesman Charles Owino stated that they were in touch with Zambian authorities trying to find out if the military men had been cleared from home to travel to Kenya and what was their mission.

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