Kenya detaining 13 Zambian Soldiers

Kenya detaining 13 Zambian Soldiers

A month ago, the Watchdog reported that the Kenyan Defence Force (KDF) shot down a Zambia Airforce (ZAF) paratrooper Warranty officer David Pumulo whom they suspected of intruding.

The watchdog further revealed that the ZAF high command clinched a deal with a private company in Kenya to train parachutist without clearance from the Kenyan defense force.

But now Kenyan officials claim officer Pumulo
Died after drowning at the Diani beach, Mombasa and that Kenya is investigating the presence of other soldiers in that country.

According to Kenyan media the victim died after a skydiving expedition went wrong and he ended up drowning.

Kenya’s Coast regional Commissioner John Elungata revealed that the dead officer had registered himself as a tourist and died while skydiving.

His death brought to light the presence of 13 other Senior Military Officers from Zambia that Kenyan authorities were not aware of.

People Daily reports that Pumulo and his colleagues sneaked into the country disguised as tourists.

The 14 soldiers arrived in the country on March 12 through the Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

It is alleged that the men registered themselves as tourists and did not bother to declare that they were from the military as required by law and international conventions.

Police have launched an investigation on the intention of the officers and why they had concealed their identities at the point of entry.

More suspicion was raised after it was alleged that the soldiers tried to sneak the body of their dead colleague out of the country after a Lieutenant Maybin Mueneko Wambae reported the death to the hotel they were staying rather than informing the police.

“The officers tried to sneak the body out of the country as they were here illegally, but the police got wind of it and went after them,” a police officer who wanted to remain anonymous was quoted by People Daily.

The body was released and sent back home in Zambia but the remaining 13 soldiers were denied exit as the police try to establish why they had sneaked into Kenya.

Police spokesman Charles Owino stated that they were in touch with Zambian authorities trying to find out if the military men had been cleared from home to travel to Kenya and what was their mission.

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  • comment-avatar
    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    The story is on the front page of yesterday’s People Daily, which is a reputable independent news source – so this is a true story for sure. It just shows how amateurish the PF government operates. It surely is cheaper to have military officers travel as tourists, rather than the formal way with approvals etc. And let me guess: Lungu knows nothing!


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    Concerned Pillaged UN Diplomat 2 weeks ago

    This must serve as a lesson to the Zambian Government authorities to teach their staff about the importance of abiding with international conventions nd treaties. It’s not only ZAF which is ignorant about such procedure, but the Police and former Task Force on Corruption did breach international law on most occassions to the fiscal detriment of the Zambian tax payers and the sponsors. Further even some lawyers and members of the Judiciary have breached internal law,my retires and conventions in the manner they enticed themselves with a UN Diplomat’s benefit entitlements and extorted and pillaged such Diplomat in abuse of the judicial process and int contraction of international law…The former TFC used to send Investigators abroad without following the proper course of the law, and it even enganged private investigators in those countries to spy and collect information which became use,ess and could not be admissible for the criminal prosecutions. , but they were alleged to have been paying over $150,000 per month to the said private investigators Nd they probably got kick backs. When I wS assigned to the TFC and informed about the illegal practices… I was shocked, as it was simple to travel abroad u dear the Legal Mutual Aid Legal Treaty, which I used to travel on during my time in the Zambia Police.. And the process was just as simple as getting the Attorney General writing a Letter Rogotoir to his counterpart in such country, and once permission was granted, I would then travel…. And INTERPOL was always noticed. So after I advised them on sSuch simple process,mtheynought seemed angry of their ignorance, and we had to stop all the private investigations in those foreign countries…. But still those that travelled breached and contravened internal law and they ought to account for it, be prosecuted and the money they ignorantly swindled the government recovered from them…. A police officer/TFC was reported to have illegaly detained a suspect in his hotel room In South Africa namely . BEEDE Mphande who has the right to sue the state for such illegal detention and removal from South Africa. The Glibe must see how underskilled some of the Zambian officials are…. The UN must now take this Kenyan case as proof of Zambian authorities failing to abide with international law…..

  • comment-avatar
    abilima 2 weeks ago

    These is false – there is no way Zambia can send soldiers to go and train in any country on earth without the host government knowing. Tell us the truth, not these lies.

    • comment-avatar
      Dinka Dick 2 weeks ago

      Corruption has reached alarming levels. This sounds like soldiers of fortune (mercenaries). Someone perhaps a high ranking officer must have arranged a private deal to train some clandestine group in Kenya for a good sum.