Kenyan newspaper tells off Zambian minister of livestock

Below is an editorial published by the Daily Nation Newspaper of Kenya on Friday.

Bradford Machila

Stop Zambian minister

The Zambian minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development, Bradford Machila, exemplifies the kind of thinking that has shackled Africa to poverty 50 years after independence.

Whereas Comesa free trade area has painstakingly built the bloc from the scratch, Mr Machila seems to believe that the rules of free trade apply at his whim.

The minister, who, by the dint of his appointment to the serious docket, should know better, asserts that his country will not allow Kenyan dairy products into his country.

This protectionist chest-thumping inappropriately comes at a time Zambian officials are in Kenya to inspect industry quality.

For the uninitiated, Comesa has clear guidelines for exempting imports where potential injury to local sectors is proven.

Quantitative quota is what Kenya is using to protect its sugar industry till 2012.

That, we say, is the direction Mr Machila should take instead of marking the 18th anniversary Comesa professing impunity.

Alarmingly, Zambia has resorted to the same autarkic measures against Kenyan manufactures before.

We think unless the African learns to adhere to set rules, he’s definitely cursed to remain underdeveloped probably for another 50 years.

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