Key points from Lungu’s Covid 19 address

Key points from Lungu’s Covid 19 address

*Key points from the Presidential address of Zambia*

+ 14 cases have been recorded in last 24 hours

+ The pandemic can get worse for Zambia

+ We need to embrace the “New Normal”

+ The impact of the COVID-19 may plunge our economy in a way never seen before

+ *restaurants can revert to their normal operations while observing public health regulations*

+ *Casinos, gyms & cinemas have been reopened and asked to observe public health regulations*

+ measures will be reviewed within 7-14 days subject to the dynamics of the pandemic

+ *Bars and taverns remain closed and they may be considered for opening depending on how the measures announced today will go in next 7-14 days*

+ President concerned that if schools remain closed, it may lead to moral decay

+ *Examination classes at primary and secondary levels to reopen on 1st June and adhere to public health regulations*

+ Relevant ministers asked to plan how other classes, colleges and universities can reopen in the near future

+ COVID-19 is an opportunity for citizens to become more self reliant by embracing ventures such as agric, IT, aqua culture etc

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