Key to economic challenges is having good managers-Dr Musokotwani

Former Finance Minister in the MMD government and now United Party for National Development (UPND) member Dr Situmbeko Musokotwani has noted that the difference in tackling global economic challenges is between having good or poor economic managers.
Speaking when he featured on Muvi TV on Friday evening, Dr Musokotwani noted the importance of capability and leadership and charged that poor economic managers are knocked out even with little ‘wind.’
He said while the global economic situation was challenging, not everyone was suffering based on the capabilities of their leaders and managers.
Dr Musokotwani stressed that government needs to focus on the things that can be done internally because that is under their control.
He noted that a bad economy translated into loss of jobs, few prospects of getting jobs by the youths and rise in commodity prices.
Dr Musokotwani charged that the solution in resolving the current economic challenges was not dependent on borrowing more money.
‘The way to provide for education, health, and water is not just by going to borrow all over the world,’ said Dr Musokotwani.
He said the way to benefit the common man, whether by sending their children to school, building them hospitals or providing water was to make sure that there was a strong economic base that ensures that there was value addition to products like copper and maize which in turn creates jobs and generates money to educate children.

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