Killing elephants in wrong, stop it

Dear Minister of Tourism, Zambia National Tourist Board and Zawa and the powers that be..

How ironic is it that Zambian Tourism have a beautiful photo of elephants on their Facebook cover and yet they and ZAWA can allow and tolerate the decision governments decision to open the doors for hunters to come and murder our Elephants. it is absolutely disgusting. I am Zambian and I am utterly disappointed and disgusted by this decision. I don’t understand hunting in any case but to allow hunting when the number of elephants in africa that are being murdered is staggeringly high. where is the thinking power of our leaders???? how can this be allowed?? I have always respected zambia as a Christian country but to abuse the very blessings that god has bestowed upon this nation is sad indeed.

Its about time that all African countries realise that hunting is an activity that was popular before. The new generation of people…of travellers, that care for the world, DO NOT want to see DEAD ANIMALS..they want to see LIVE ANIMALS. It is quite ironic that we call wildlife “wildlife” and animals “animals” because by allowing the practice of hunting and taking part in hunting for pleasure and without thought makes humans wild and animals. we are an insult to our own creation.

If Zambia has lost revenue or is losing revenue, then there should be other avenues available to make money. If you want tourists to come to zambia then lift the ridiculous visa fees..reduce the exorbitant prices that are imposed on travellers. If I was a tourist wanting to go to africa than id choose a place like Botswana or namibia to visit because not only will I get value for money but also see animals alive. .not SLAUGHTERED.

Please Zambia – Respect nature….this decision is going to be regretful for the future generations. ..our own children for who we are supposed to take care of nature and natural resources and whose interest we are supposed to watch out for.


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