Killing of Chinese and keeping money at home

Dearest Editor,

Kindly hide my identity. May I plz add my word to the incident that saw the death of 3 chinese nationals in kitwe’s Ganerton area last week. You may wish To know that during the same week another driver working for a chinese ‘Sido or Kantemba’ Exploration company robbed a chinese national a huge undisclosed sum of money that was meant for worker’s salaries. But Sources cloze to the company revealed that the cash was well over k250 000 pf money or K250million. Many other workers have stollen huge sums of cash from them on a Number of times, and certain Others workers stole Two almost New Sino Tipper trucks about two years ago now.

All these occurences had been befalling our coleagues due to low wages that these (chinese) companies Expose us to as well as a great measure of carelessness of the part of the chinese nationals. What I mean by carelessness is that the Chinese Nationals have a tendancy of holding huge sums of cash in their companies and complexies called China Houses. I say this Because I work for a Chinese company in Chambishi. Its like the chinese do not believe in Banking but Holding. Its just very recent when they started paying us off thru the Banks otherwise, in recent past at monthend we used to line up for salaries.

My appeal to the Movement for Patriotic Multiparty in Front of Democracy-MPMFD govt to Tell these chinese people to stop holding huge sums of cash and also to start paying zambians well but only hold petty cash for emergencies so that they minimize inviting problems on themselves. What logic is there in exposing workers to colossal sums of money and yet pay them peanuts?

Away from that, How can we expect our Economy to improve when Huge sums of cash is kept out of circulation? How do you expect the currency to fair well against major currencies when some sections of the society isn’t abiding by the banking laws of the land? May the govt plz look into this issue plz.


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