Killing of opposition members, Amos Chanda blames victims

Killing of opposition members, Amos Chanda blames victims

Civil servant Amos Chanda is also happy that the police murdered unarmed opposition supporters last Friday.

But typical of dictators and their small men who carry their bags, Chanda is accusing the victims of provoking the police. For Chanda and Lungu, if you provoke the police, you must be killed.

In an interview with Radio Phoenix, Amos Chanda foolishly said Hichilema should refrain from endangering the lives of Zambians by sending his armed cadres to cause havoc on the streets of Lusaka.

“Mr Hakainde is agitating, causing public disorder by ordering cadres to break the law, ordering cadres to march on Cairo road, to march in the streets of Lusaka on a busy day with congested traffic,” Mr Chanda said.

“Bumping motorists off the road and challenging the police with missiles, pangas, throwing stones and firing at them with live ammunition.”

It’s unbelievable that Amos Chanda can sink so low to make stupid accusation just to protect his salary. But Chanda just needs to look back into recent history and see what happens to other excited persons who were occupying his office.

He said it was naive for Mr Hichilema to dare police with such anarchy and not expect them to reiterate.
“And Mr Hakainde Hichilema on the crime scene expects that police will remain quiet and not respond to a threat on public safety, to a threat of life and property,” Chanda excitedly said.

Chanda said President Lungu is very happy with what the police did to UPND cadres in Lusaka, where many were shot at, killed, while several others arrested.

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